Global leaders in Decarbonization of Heavy Transport.

Braya Renewable Fuels is converting the Come By Chance refinery into a world-class renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel refining facility. Using state of the art, proven technology and drawing on the experience of the local community and expert leadership, Braya is poised to meet the growing global demand for renewable fuels.

What Are 2nd Generation Biofuels?

Biofuels are liquid fuels derived from biomass, a renewable energy source. Second-generation biofuels, which include renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel, are biofuels that are chemically identical to the petroleum products they replace, but with a much lower carbon footprint.

Whereas first-generation biofuels, which dominate the current market, must be blended with petroleum-based fuels to power standard engines and infrastructure, second-generation biofuels can be consumed as a 100% replacement product for diesel. No blending needs to occur. Second-generation biofuels are a clean, affordable, and high-value way to power the heavy transport and aviation sectors without disruption.