Braya Renewable Fuels is converting the petroleum refinery in Come By Chance, Newfoundland and Labrador into a renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel production facility. The facility is expected to commence operations in 2023 and will be well-situated to deliver sustainable fuels to North America and Europe.

The location of the refinery in Come By Chance provides a number of advantages, including an experienced workforce and global access to feedstocks and product markets.

The Come By Chance facility is a vital asset to the province and an important local employer. The deep operational experience of Braya’s workforce is a critical asset.

The conversion of the refinery into a renewable fuels facility will benefit Newfoundland and Labrador, as it ensures a bright, sustainable future for the refinery, its workers, and the world.

Yes, and Braya Renewable Fuels will continue to work with the Department of Environment and Climate Change to ensure that we are meeting our regulatory obligations.

The products produced by Braya will provide lower GHG emission fuel alternatives to the global market, including heavy use industries that are otherwise difficult to decarbonize.

Renewable fuels are produced from materials (feedstocks) that acquired carbon during their lifetimes. These materials are converted into renewable fuel and burned. When burned, they release CO2 back into the environment; however, the burning of these renewable fuels provides a net balance to emissions as the CO2 previously existed in the air before being captured by the original materials.

This process differs from typical diesel and crude oil fuel production in that those CO2 intensive processes produce a net addition of CO2 into the environment.

The Come By Chance refinery can utilize a wide variety of feedstocks, including tallow, soybean oil, distiller’s corn oil, canola oil, and used cooking oil.

We will be importing feedstock from all over the world.

While we are open to local feedstocks, there are unfortunately no local options yet. We look forward to connecting with local feedstock sources and encourage suppliers to contact us.

The converted Come By Chance facility opens up a number of other opportunities that we are interested in exploring, including new products such as sustainable aviation fuel. As jurisdictions around the world change their regulations around CO2 emissions and fuel requirements, the number of potential markets for this facility increases.

California is currently the biggest market for renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel, but with environmental regulations and sustainable fuel requirements being introduced around the world, we expect significant additional markets to develop across the continent and globe.